ABN is a technology provider that is focused on offering environmentally sustainable and science-based bioactive stabilization and delivery solutions to a variety of industries, spanning from human nutrition and health and human biologics to agriculture, food ingredients, and food safety.  ABN continues to explore new verticals based on technologies available with over 40 patents.


Ensuring the quality and sustainability of global crop production requires the integration of multiple technologies. ABN’s innovative technology represents an essential component for stabilizing and delivering agricultural bioactives.

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Human Health and Nutrition

Whether probiotics, vaccines or supplements designed to improve and sustain human health, ABN technology can provide the means to enhance the stability, delivery and effectiveness of numerous consumer products.

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Science and Technology

The essence of ABN technology is based on a solid foundation of science encompassing the multiple disciplines required to develop technology for human and agricultural applications. This foundation also supports a robust intellectual property portfolio.

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The ABN team works closely with clients to fully comprehend the specific product requirements that will be embodied in subsequent stabilization and protection of sensitive bioactives. This collaboration begins during the proof of concept stage of a project and extends through development, licensing and technology transfer activities. Our interdisciplinary team of biologists, chemists, food scientists, agronomists, and engineers, creates innovative solutions utilizing their broad expertise and deep technology platform supported by more than 40 owned and exclusively licensed patents. Through extensive experience, this collaborative approach has proven highly effective and commercially successful. 

Advanced BioNutrition


Founded in 2001 with roots in technology for sustainable aquaculture nutrition and fish health, Advanced BioNutrition Corp. today is a technology provider focused on offering environmentally sustainable and science-based stabilization and delivery solutions to a variety of industries including human nutrition and health, agricultural microbials, and industrial uses.

From a small group of visionary scientists with a focus on health and nutrition and a passion for environmental sustainability, ABN has grown from a privately-held research and development company headquartered...

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