Why Advanced BioNutrition?

Founded in 2001 with roots in technology for sustainable aquaculture nutrition and fish health, Advanced BioNutrition Corp. (www.ABN-corp.com) today is a world-class technology provider focused on offering environmentally sustainable and science-based stabilization and delivery solutions to a variety of industries including human nutrition and health, agricultural microbials, and industrial uses.

From a small group of visionary scientists with a focus on health and nutrition and a passion for environmental sustainability, ABN has grown from a privately-held research and development company headquartered in Columbia, MD into a diversified provider of science-based solutions.

ABN continues to develop new verticals based on technologies available from over 40 patents. ABN's innovative research team of, biologists, chemists, food scientists, agronomists, and engineers, specializes in innovation, solving problems related to protecting, stabilizing, and delivering bioactives. 

Our scientists work alongside customers, to adapt ABN’s proprietary technologies to resolve specific product issues and formulation challenges to better protect, stabilize, and/or deliver sensitive bioactives. ABN technology enables its customers and partners to enhance or improve their product development, processing, or performance in a way that improves performance and value.

ABN's core encapsulation and delivery technologies are patented for targeted and controlled release of a wide range of sensitive ingredients including probiotics, yeast, vaccines, enzymes, peptides, bacteriophage, vitamins, ag biologicals, seed innoculants. Delivering these protected bioactives and live microorganisms provides customers with superior solutions for various applications in human health and nutrition, food safety and crop protection.