Patents Related to ABN’s Delivery Systems

ABN continues to evolve its research and development efforts to develop additional competencies based on our unique delivery technologies.

  • ABN actively maintains a portfolio of more than 40 global patent families, both owned and licensed, which covers our unique technology “toolbox” for use in stabilizing, protecting, and delivering bioactive substances.
  • The ABN human probiotic-stabilizing technologies are backed by a series of over ten global patent families covering proprietary compositions, manufacturing procedures, and methods of use in the human probiotic field.
  • ABN has rights to another 20+ global patent families developed by ABN for all fields except the animal health and nutrition field, which ABN sold to a third party.
  • ABN technologies for use in crop protection and crop enhancement, particularly for use in seed treatments, are unique, and patent protection covering this utility has been applied for.
  • Additional ABN stabilizing technologies for a variety of bioactives, including therapeutic proteins, bacteria phages, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes, as well as synthetic organic compounds useful as human pharmaceuticals, crop protectants, and rodenticides, are covered by other global issued and pending patents.
  • ABN’s vibrant R&D programs continue to develop unique and patentable technologies, adding new capabilities to the “toolbox” and expanding the intellectual property base as a key asset for the company.
  • ABN’s rights cover all fields, including human health and nutrition, and agricultural and industrial uses, other than the animal health and nutrition field which ABN sold and/or licensed exclusively to a third party.

Licensing/Acquisition Opportunities

ABN is offering attractive licensing and/or acquisition opportunities. Please contact us to discuss ABN’s patents and patent applications for technologies that have potential for bringing new and improved products and new value to the spectrum of markets from foods to agriculture and beyond. 

Contact ABN for details related to patents, licensing, and acquisition opportunities .