Applications of ABN Technologies To Date

  • ABN technology has been instrumental in developing an oral delivery vaccine for use against highly virulent pathogens in the fish farming industry. The new oral vaccine was developed in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, resulting in significant commercial sales of the vaccine over a period of several years. The stabilized oral vaccines take advantage of ABN patented delivery systems, allowing commercial fish farmers to deliver antigen in effective and efficient new ways. This has allowed for significant improvement in controlling selected diseases of fish, thereby improving quality and productivity and enabling business growth.

  • ABN developed selected collaborations in the probiotics area to the extent that ABN technology has been commercialized in certain market segments. Ongoing research and development collaborations with several companies continue to increase the reach of ABN technology for growing human probiotics market.

  • ABN technology is also being actively developed in the area of agricultural biologicals where novel stabilization and delivery technologies could prove invaluable for enhancing crop production. Through multiple collaborations in the agricultural industry, ABN has applied proprietary technology for enhancing stability and the delivery options of various biologicals.

  • The use of ABN technologies in areas related to food safety, food ingredients, human therapeutics and other consumer products is actively being pursued.