Functional Food Ingredients

Ingredients that may confer health benefits to the consumer—often called functional food ingredients—may also benefit from application of ABN technologies. Examples of these ingredients include, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and carotenoids.  These materials are often subject to degradation due to temperature, UV light and oxidation. In some cases, the ingredients have limited bioavailability thus diminishing the potential benefit.

The utility of ABN technologies has been demonstrated in this important market. Two illustrative examples are noted below.

  • One important vitamin often used in food and pharmaceutical applications is affected by oxidation and UV light, thus limiting storage stability and efficacy. ABN demonstrated reduced oxidation and improved stability utilizing a proprietary formulation system.

  • Another ABN technology was applied to enhancing the absorption and bioavailability of a specific carotenoid, thus retaining higher concentrations of the applied carotenoids in the target tissue.