EnzymesABN has developed technology applicable the stabilization of enzymes that are often used for human or industrial applications. Temperature, humidity, UV light and several processing conditions can have a significant impact on enzyme stability and therefore functional activity.

The following examples represent some highlights related to the application of ABN formulation and stabilization technology applied to specific enzymes:

  • A significant improvement in the stability of an enzyme was attained such that 85-90% of enzyme activity was retained after storage for 54 days at high temperature and high humidity. IN contrast, the activity of unformulated enzyme was lost within 2-3 days.

  • For some applications, enzyme undergo processing at high temperatures and pressures. ABN encapsulation technology resulted in significant retention of enzyme activity (60-75%) in 2 separate enzymes under simulated high temperature processing conditions whereas unformulated enzymes lost virtually all activity in the same conditions.