Frank DeGennaro Named Chief Operating Officer of Columbia, MD-based Advanced BioNutrition Corp. 

Columbia, MD - Mon 4 Dec 2017 - Frank DeGennaro, has been named Chief Operating Officer of Advanced BioNutrition (ABN) Corp. of Columbia, MD.  Frank brings over 30 years of experience in the agriculture and food industries across a variety of executive leadership roles with the DuPont Company and Perdue Agri-Business

Frank grew up working on the family farm in Connecticut, with BS and MS degrees in agriculture from Purdue University, DeGennaro joined ABN in the 4th Q 2017.

Founded in 2001, with roots in technology for sustainable aquaculture nutrition and health, Advanced BioNutrition Corp. (www.ABN-corp.com) today is a world class technology provider focused on offering environmentally sustainable and science-based technology solutions to a variety of industries. Among those are human nutrition and health, agriculture and food safety. 

As part of the company’s strategy to focus on human health and nutrition, agriculture and other industrial markets, ABN recently sold its business and assets in the animal health and nutrition field.  ABN is pioneering new verticals by expanding their technologies available from over 40 patents. ABN's interdisciplinary research team of biologists, chemists, food scientists, agronomists, and engineers, specializes in innovation related to stabilizing and protecting sensitive bioactives for food, agriculture and industrial applications. 

“We look forward to great things from Frank DeGennaro in helping lead ABN on a path of robust product commercialization and growth,” said William F. Kirk, CEO and Board Chair. “Frank’s experience with DuPont-Pioneer, as well as at Perdue Agribusiness, created a great track record, particularly his work in biologicals as well as nutrition and health.” 

“I appreciate the confidence placed in me by Bill and the Board of ABN,” said DeGennaro. “This company is poised for the next stage of growth and I am looking forward to working with the extraordinary team at ABN to make it happen. “I’m excited to bring my experience in the ag and food markets to help customers apply ABN's innovative technologies to differentiate their offerings,” added DeGennaro.  

From a small group of visionary scientists with a focus on health and nutrition and a passion for environmental sustainability, ABN has grown as a privately-held research and development company headquartered in Columbia, MD into a diversified provider of science-based solutions. 

Its scientists work collaboratively alongside customers to adapt ABN’s proprietary technologies to resolve specific product issues and formulation challenges to better stabilize, protect, and deliver sensitive bioactives. ABN's technology enables its customers and partners to enhance their products in a way that improves performance and value. 

Their core encapsulation and delivery technologies are patented for targeted and controlled release of a wide range of ingredients including probiotics, yeast, vaccines, enzymes, peptides, bacteriophage, vitamins, ag biologicals, and seed inoculants. Delivering these protected bioactives and live microorganisms can provide customers with superior solutions for various applications in human health and nutrition, food safety and crop protection.

“ABN has a proven track record of working with customers to commercialize innovative solutions. At its core,” DeGennaro said, “this team, brings state-of-the-art science and creative problem-solving skills to help customers overcome their product development and technology challenges across the agriculture, food science and nutrition industries.” 

Throughout its history, ABN has proudly led with cutting-edge science-based solutions that have been followed with collaborative product development to commercialize products and technologies that today are sustainable and environmentally responsible, thereby providing a better future for our world.